SMC About us

Our aims

The aims of Stratford Music Centre are to encourage students of all ages to learn, enjoy and appreciate different types of music, dance and drama, and provide a quality professional service.

Our Philosophy

Whilst individual lessons are offered midweek, it has long been a philosophy of the Centre that many of its activities take place on Saturday morning - a time when students can be encouraged to enjoy individual and group activities at the same location and also the opportunity to mix socially with other students, parents and friends in the cafeteria. This has been a major strength which has contributed to its success and is a feature which is not offered elsewhere in the Stratford area. A few groups run during the week.

For pleasure as well as exams

Students wishing to take practical exams will find a complete backup support of aural and theory lessons, plus an accompanist for the actual exam. Others wishing to learn for personal interest and pleasure will find a range of lessons and groups to suit all abilities and ages.