SMC Enrolments

Enrolment 2018–19

Download enrolment form

Electronic copies of the enrolment form for 2018–19 is now available for download:

There is also an accompanying enrolment letter that sets out additional information to accompany the enrolment form.

Integral to the enrolment process are the enrolment terms and conditions which can be read on screen here and downloaded by clicking on the following button:

Request paper enrolment forms

If you would like to request a paper enrolment form and further details of our 2018–19 activities set out on the website, please contact the office or use our online email form which can be accessed here.

For our detailed online enquiry form which can be used to request details of all other activities set out in the prospectus please see this page here.

Enrolment terms and conditions for individual lessons – important

In applying for individual lessons, you will be entering into contracts with the Music Centre and the relevant tutor(s) for the provision of those lessons. Before completing and submitting an enrolment form, it is important that you should be familiar with our enrolment terms and conditions which can be viewed on screen here and downloaded as a pdf from the button link above (new window/tab).

Group activities are run under the auspices of the Music Centre itself and are subject to separate arrangements

Returning enrolment forms

When sending enrolment forms and cheques to the Centre in the post, please send (or deliver them) directly to the Centre office at Stratford School and not to the company's registered office in Greenhill Street.

Some forms are sent every year to the wrong address and although these will be forwarded on to the Centre office, there may be some inevitable delay in their being processed and this may affect availability of lessons.


For details of fees for individual lessons for 2018–19 please see the individual fees page here

Term Dates

Term dates for 2018–19 are summarised as follows:

Autumn 2018

Sat 15 Sept – Thu 25 Oct
Sat 10 Oct – Thu 20 Dec

Spring 2019

Mon 7 Jan – Sat 9 Feb
Mon 25 Feb – Sat 13 Apr

Summer 2019

Mon 29 Apr – Thu 23 May
(excluding BH Mon 6 May)
Sat 8 Jun – Sat 13 Jul

A calendar for download and full date information are available at the 2018–19 dates page.